The Kaohsiung Tien-Ching Women Wish Association was founded in 2006, based on the principle of providing aid and accompaniment to women in times of need. “Tien-Ching” in Chinese refers to the sunshine after the rain, which stands for the positive mindset that the Association hopes to guide women towards in regards to their future.

Our Purpose

1To gather women with an interest in marriage or relationship-related issues together, to offer them a place to enrich themselves and engage in self-growth.

2To empower disadvantaged women so that they may achieve economic and emotional independence, and to provide them with a support network.

3To acknowledge women’s self-responsibility and their self-worth, encouraging them to open a new chapter in their lives.

4To guide women in their transformation from a passive mindset to one centered on active involvement and exchange, continuing to spread love and kindness within the community.

Our Mission