Empowering Disadvantaged Women through Meridian Massage Training1

We offer training for women on meridian massage techniques so that they can earn income using just a single ox horn massage tool. Providing meridian massages grants relative freedom and flexible working hours; this allows these women to be able to work while still having the time to take care of their family, giving them the opportunity to achieve economic independence.

Women’s Empowerment Community Outreach Program2

Marriage requires partners to adapt to as well as learn how to effectively communicate with one another. We hope to give strength to women dealing with marital difficulties by offering legal counseling or organizing support groups and experience sharing sessions, so that they have a place to express their emotions and find a new purpose in life.

Rebuilding the Family Unit3

Faced with problems such as post-divorce trauma, communication with their ex-spouse, or conflicting perspectives on child upbringing, are divorcees capable of finding happiness in the future?

Through individual and group sessions, Tien-Ching teaches women communication skills, parenting methods, and family interaction techniques to help them regain their footing.

Preparation for Healthy and Sustainable Living into Old Age4

We provide lessons in health and financial management, awareness, and other topics so that participants can plan out their futures in advance and welcome their golden years with a happy heart and healthy body.